The Magic of Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Healthy Skin

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The Magic of Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Healthy Skin

We feature an extremely pure and powerful Blackcurrant  seed oil sustainably grown in the U.K as part of our signature facial oil.  So it makes sense to look a little closer at some of the benefits this wonderful ingredient...

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is a powerful antioxidant rich plant oil that contains deeply therapeutic properties that make this a wonderfully healing oil.

It's a fantastic oil for use on skin particularly if you you suffer from inflammation, eczema and uneven skin tone.

Its high antioxidant content helps to protect skin cells from free radical damage which can be caused by environment. It helps to slow down some of the effects that can come as a result of this type of skin damage. This is particularly helpful to those with darker skin tones that may experience variations in pigment tone or hyperpigmentation. Blackcurrant seed oil works preventatively to help stabilise changes in the skin.

It is an anti-dermatitis, anti-inflammation and anti-acne oil that may help to keep minor skin problems at bay by fighting bacteria.

A hydrating and skin loving oil Blackcurrant seed oil provides skin with an essential vitamin boost, nourishing it with plant goodness both inside and out.

There are endless benefits when using Blackcurrant seed oil both topically and internally. Have you tried Blackcurrant seed oil before? what are your favourite ways to use it? 



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