5 Mindful Ways to Cultivate Your Inner Magic!

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5 Mindful Ways to Cultivate Your Inner Magic!


By mastering the small things we grow our patience, resilience, discipline and aquire the strength to tackle some of lifes biggers challenges. Here are 5 mindul practices that will not only provide you with a boost, but will allow you to build the skill set to manifest your deepest desires.


1. Practice the Art of Nurturing

The act of caring for something that exists outside of yourself is a good way to cultivate a mindful habit that allows you to participate in a nurturing act that can be rewarding for you and provides visible results. Tending to plants is a very accessible way to practice this habit.  There can be a lot to learn from watching and nurturing a seedling into a fully blossoming plant. And you may find that by applying the same time, patience and mindful approach when it comes to your own life will bring you deeper rewards in the long term.


2. Allow Time for Inner Light Work.


Even if it's just 30 mins a day, aim to carve out space within each day to do something that's just for you. Me time is essential time in the day to do some neccessary inner light work, a vital act of selfcare. Inner light work is the good stuff that stuff that heals, energises and uplifts you. Whether it's a moment to switch off, meditate, take a few deep breaths to recentre yourself. Or time to play, get creative, draw, read, dance what ever lights you up. Make time for that one thing each and everyday no matter how small and you'll soon feel the benefits.


3. Disconnect Your Devices

Our lives for the most part has been made easier through the advances in technology. But the downside of this is that we're often switched-on or plugged-in with no real respite. We're buying into a myth that tells us we need to make ourselves available at all times, but what impact is that having on our mental health and spiritual wellbeing? It may not be realistic to switch off completely, however create pockets of time that allow you to disconnect and aim to have all unnecessary devices switched off at least an hour before bed. Also avoid jumping on phones/laptops the moment you wake up. Instead use the time to prepare a soul nourishing breakfast. This will allow you to transition into the day with a clearer mind and reduced stress levels.


4. Eat Raw At Least Once A Day

The simple act of adding more raw fruit and veg to your daily diet can work wonders for boosting your mood, as well as providing your body extra vitamins, minerals and plant fibres that will promote better health and wellbeing. this can be anything from a smoothie to a salad. No need to change the way that you eat entirely if that's not what you want, all things in life are about balance and just being mindful of adding more raw can create enough of a shift towards a better relationship with your health and with food in general.


5. Go To Bed Early.

It may not be entirely practical or realistic to take a nap each day, however getting to bed earlier each night will not only mean that you feel more rested and balanced. Sleep can help to improve your mood and reduce the onset of illnesses such as heart disease and alzheimers. More sleep allows your body to regenerate and repair itself as well as cutting down your stress levels and bring about feelings of calm, as well as increased feelings of love and oneness. Whats not to love about that?

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