How I Choose to BLOOM

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How I Choose to BLOOM

BLOOM is hands down my favourite product in the range. It works wonders on my hair but has the added bonus of doing great things for my face and feet. Find below the many ways I choose to BLOOM.


It Makes For a Great Detangler

Detangling hair, especially post wash and go, can be a daunting task but BLOOM makes the process a lot easier. I split my hair into 4 – 6 sections. I dampen one section with a little water before smoothing a small amount of oil into my strands. Using my fingers, I gently work through any knots and remove shed hair. Once it’s fully detangled, I put it into a loose chunky twist. I repeat the process on all the sections. I then leave my hair to dry and soak up the oily goodness. Once dry, it’s soft and manageable which makes styling a breeze.


A Nourishing Leave-In

When it comes to leave-in products, I’m firmly in the ‘oils are best’ camp. I’ve tried creams and I find I have to coat my hair in oil to stop the moisture escaping. It makes sense to skip the middle man and just go for a high quality oil like BLOOM that traps moisture and nourishes your hair. The organic Thistle oil strengthens and adds elasticity while the Crambe seed oil softens your hair. I apply a small amount to freshly washed hair that’s wet but not dripping. I also top up during the week post shower while my hair is slightly damp.


As a Facial Oil Cleanser

BLOOM works wonderfully as a facial oil cleanser. It contains coconut oil which has antifungal properties and is rich with antioxidants. BLOOM is also packed with essential fatty acids that restore the skins natural moisture balance and prevents dryness. I warm a couple of drops of BLOOM in my hands and massage it into my face. I add a little warm water to my face so the oil begins to emulsify. I then soak my muslin cloth in warm water and use that to remove the oil. My skin is left feeling soft and most importantly clean.


As a Hot Oil Treatment

Whether you are relaxed or natural, hot oil treatments should be one of your beauty rituals. I do a treatment when my hair is looking a little dull. BLOOM is great for this as it contains Sweet Almond oil which seals hair cuticles making it smooth and shiny. I decant two teaspoons of BLOOM into a bowl which I gently heat in a water bath. I then massage my scalp with the oil and then work it through my hair. I cover with a shower cap and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing and styling.


To Soften Your Feet

If feet gross you out, I urge you to stop reading here as I’m about to go into pretty graphic detail. For the rest of you, let’s talk corns and calluses. These nasty bits of hardened skin are not a great look come sandal season. Soften the skin in a foot bath before exfoliating with a pumice stone. Be careful as you don’t want to scrub away healthy skin. Rinse and dry then apply a few drops of BLOOM to the area. The oil will keep the area moisturised and prevent the skin from cracking.



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