How to use Floral Mists For Healthier Skin.

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How to use Floral Mists For Healthier Skin.



Floral Mists are an underrated tool in any natural skincare routine. But a a quick spritz can turn a good skin day into a great skin day. They are extremely simple to use and offer a whole host of benefits including better hydration when used as part of your daily skincare. Whether you have Oily, Combination or dry skin. There's a skin mist out there for you.

Today we're taking a closer look at one of our favourite Mists ROSE OTTO - Skin Balancing Floral Mist and one of two in our range.

Our organic ROSE OTTO - Skin Balancing Floral Mist. helps to elevate the health of your skin.

If you haven't experienced the soothing benefits of Rose in your skincare then you're in for a treat. High in naturally occurring Vitamin C and calming for hormonal, Acne prone and inflamed skin. Rose helps to bring Harmony and balance by regulating oil production, while gently cleansing and firming the skin to give a smoother complexion.

The the best results use your face mist before moisturising if you suffer with dry skin, this will offer a boost of hydration that can be locked into the skin by following with a facial oil or cream. You can also use it throughout the day to refresh skin or reset your makeup those warmer days.




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