Rosemary Oil Loves Your Natural Hair

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Rosemary Oil Loves Your Natural Hair

Rosemary oil is probably the single most sought out ingredient within natural hair care. This popular essential oil comes with a long list of health benefits that ensures it remains a firm favourite when it comes to caring for afro hair. 

Not all Rosemary is created equally, a vast amount of commercially produced Rosemary essential oils have been extracted using solvents, normally alcohol. The alcohol content can decrease the effectiveness making it drying on your hair and of course this is the opposite of what you want when it comes to effectively caring for your hair.

We source some of the finest Rosemary for our Organic hair butter grown locally on a farm here in Sussex who distill our Rosemary oil using only steam. This ensures that all the beautifully beneficial properties that Rosemary contains remain fully intact and as pure as possible.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Rosemary oil and why its a much loved ingredient for natural hair care.

Hair Growth - Rosemary is purported to improve hair growth by stimulating blood vessels in the scalp to activate better/more productive hair growth. 


Rapid Hair Growth -  Preliminary testing has apparently shown that Rosemary can accelerate the speed at which your hair grows, tests have shown a 22.4 increase in new hair growth after treatment with Rosemary. However, this is not conclusive


Preventing hair loss - Regular use of Rosemary on hair and hair scalp is said to improve symptoms of hair loss by improving the overall health and condition of the scalp while the astringent properties may help to  strengthen and tone hair follicles, making them less likely to prematurely shed hair.

A more unusual benefit of Rosemary is it's ability to improve memory function. So not only will it give you a beautiful head of hair, it will make you smarter too!

Do you use Rosemary oil as part of your haircare? we'd love to hear some more benefits that you've found!

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