This Plant-Based Butter for Afro Hair is Getting Naturals Excited

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This Plant-Based Butter for Afro Hair is Getting Naturals Excited


If you are still on the hunt for your holy grail product, then look no further!

Flourish-Totally Nourishing Hair Butter is quietly gaining a loyal cult following of natural beauty lovers,top models and green beauty converts. (scroll down)

Glass Jar of natural Afro Hair butter called Flourish. On yellow background with yellow flowers

Recommended for it's incredible softening abilities on even the driest hair not to mention the use of effectively simple, ethical ,organic, natural and locally sourced ingredients each carefully selected to specifically combat dryness in natural afro, textured and curly hair. Flourish's all-natural formula based on locally sourced in the UK botanical ingredients is working wonders to restore and revive damaged afro hair. (more below)

Flourish hair butter jar with lid open. Flowers arranged around the jar to symbolise. the natural ingredients in the product

Flourish eliminates dryness and makes sure that crunchy brittle hair is a thing of the past. It's power is in it's unique but simple ingredient list which prioritises organic ingredients to deliver a higher concentration of plant nutrients direct to your hair and scalp. (more below)

Afro Hair product Flourish Totally Nourishing hair butter image taken from above. The jar is open and the product visible. set on pink background. With yellow flowers signifying the natural ingredients inside.

Made with a luxuriously nourishing based of Organic Walnut Butter and boasting key plant ingredients that deliver wonderful results over and over again. Customers are raving about Flourish Hair Butter, you can see what some of them have to say by checking out the hundreds of reviews on the product page. Flourish recently won the Essence Magazine Hair and Beauty Awards 2022. It was selected as a Curl Conqueror in the category for best products for textured hair.


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