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Minis Discovery Set



Our Minis Discovery set is back and it's packed with even more plant powered goodies for you to explore. We're now including a travel sized version of all six of our award-winning hair and skincare.

Housed in a chic limited edition eco-purse handmade by a women's cooperative in Uganda using sustainable Banana fibres. For special price of £32 you can now get all your hair and skin essentials in these perfect travel sizes. They also make great stocking fillers. Offer is limited, while stocks last.

Our set now includes ALL smaller sized products, please see full size for complete list of ingredients. 


NURTURE - Gentle Cleansing Shampoo Bar, 45g / 1.8oz

FLOW - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil, 10ml


AWAKEN - Reviving Body Treatment Oil, 25ml / 3.2oz


BLOOM - Omega Healthy Hair Oil, 25ml

REBIRTH - Glow Recovery Clay Mask, 5g

FLOURISH - Totally Nourishing Hair Butter, 25g

Further Information 

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients always sourced ethically. We don't use any artificial colours, fragrances (parfum) or synthetic ingredients.

Colour and texture of this product may vary from time to time due to the use of fresh ingredients. 

This product has a shelf life of 9 months after first opening.


Allergy Advice

We do our best to ensure that all our ingredients and pure and gentle to both hair and skin. However allergic reactions can occur even when using natural ingredients. If you are concerned you may be allergic to any of our ingredients. We'd advise you carry out a patch test before use.

As this product contains essential oils, please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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