Founders Story

Hello! My name is Ibi I'm a 35 year old former Hackney girl turned seaside dwelling mama of one.

I've been obsessed with hair and skincare since the age of 12. To the extent that my sister and I used to spend all of our pocket money on face masks and moisturisers from Superdrug in Dalston while getting our beauty tips from Just 17 magazine ( ! ).

The ritual of self care has always fascinated me, for me its a direct route to better emotional wellbeing. I also love how great my skin and hair feels after a pampering session, often leaving me feeling uplifted and more connected to myself.

The beauty rituals I developed as a young woman carried me through until adulthood. But, during a 4 year period I spent living in Sweden in my mid-twenties, I became increasingly interested and concerned with the types of ingredients I was using on my hair and skin. My lifestyle was changing and I was beginning to take my health more seriously, looking more at the effects of the products I was using and becoming more aware of the detrimental effects that some synthetic ingredients were having on my health.

I really struggled to find green beauty options that catered to the needs of my hair texture, and all the brands that I thought were the greenest choice turned out not to be, I found it to be the same on returning to England. This led me to begin experimenting with natural ingredients.

In 2011 I had the idea for The Afro Hair & Skin Co. I wanted to create a space where no matter where you are in the world you could find high performing natural, powerful and effective beauty products made with love that met the specific needs of the woman of colour. It remains vital to me that products that we use on our bodies are as pure and gentle as possible, enhancing health and wellbeing while causing no harm to ourselves or our planet. Its been a long journey with much trial and error and many beautiful discoveries along the way. It's these discoveries that are at the heart of The Afro Hair & Skin Co.