Join us throughout  April 2017 as we embark on a month of wellness to build daily rituals of self care into our routines. We believe that the practice of self-care is necessary to our feelings of inner harmony and balance. Our energy levels decrease and stress levels increase when we fail to prioritise ourselves and take the essential steps to promote wellness. (more below...)

Self care requires you to be intuitive to your personal needs and act upon them as best as you can. Our wellness month aims to provide a supportive hand as you embark on your journey, hopefully helping you to shine a spotlight on the little things you can do in your day that will inevitably make a big difference to your life as a whole.

We'll be sharing our own journey to wellness via the hashtag #wocwellness we hope this will allow for all of us on our own particular journey to look in and find strength, encouragement and the inspiration to continue on this journey for the long term.

Before you begin, it's might be best to note down the areas you wish to focus on.

For instance, you may want to look at ways to wind down and relax more effectively after a busy or stressful day.

You may wish to limit or eliminate something that is causing you to question your value or self worth.

You don't need to make a huge list as this can be overwhelming and may put you off beginning. It's not intended to be strict or punishing, in fact the opposite. Self care is about ensuring you treat yourself the way the you deserve to be treated. You're not obliged to practice everyday either, however the stronger your commitment to self care, the better the outcome in the long term. We look forward to accompanying you on a journey to a more valued you.

 Share your journey with us using #WOCWELLNESS you can also find out what we're doing to stay 'well' over on instagram