5 Ways to FLOW

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5 Ways to FLOW

Isn’t there something so deliciously decadent about facial oil? I have been loving experimenting with Flow for the last couple of weeks. It works wonderfully on my skin and is a great multi-tasker. Find the five ways that you can use Flow below.


As Part of Your Daytime Routine

A lot of people shy away from using facial oils during the day because they are rightfully worried about looking glazed. I blend one or two drops of Flow with my daily moisturiser for skin that glows but isn’t greasy. My skin stays nourished and balanced all day.

If you are worried about your makeup sliding, apply the oil directly to damp skin then follow with your moisturiser. Allow a couple of minutes to settle then apply your makeup as per usual.


Treat Yourself to a Facial Massage

I like to start my weekend with a relaxing facial massage. After a deep clean, I warm three or four drops of Flow in my hands and work it into my skin using a technique I found on the web that’s supposed to lift and firm the skin. There are a surprising amount of facial massage techniques that you can do at home, find one that works for you and get massaging.


To Moisturise Your Décolletage

I’m going to be real here, when I say décolletage I mean boobs.Flow contains blackcurrant seed oil which repairs the skin and slows the effects of hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation unfortunately isn’t confined to just my face. I get discolouration where the band of my bra sits and the underwire rubs against my skin. I apply a few drops post shower to protect and nourish the already tender skin.


As a Night Time Treatment

Your skin does the hard work of repairing and regenerating cells while you are asleep so just before bed is the perfect time to slather on a few drops of Flow to help the process along. Frankincense oil is one of the key ingredients and it is known for its powerful healing properties. I apply a few drops to clean damp skin and let the magic happen.


As a Cuticle Oil

Nothing takes the edge off a manicure like dry, cracked cuticles. I’ve been keeping mine in check by working a drop of Flow into them every day. Flow contains vitamin E which is a key ingredient in many cuticle oils. It helps to repair damaged skin, will keep your cuticles moisturised and encourage healthy nail growth.


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Mariam Bashorun is a blogger at www.amu-dat.com an afrocentric fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. She is also the founder of www.blackbritishbloggers.com a service linking bloggers to brands for work and collaborations.

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