A Case for Minimalist Beauty

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A Case for Minimalist Beauty

As I stumble gracelessly into my very late 20s, I find myself drawn to the minimalist lifestyle. I don’t want to drag the clutter of my 20s into my 30s, I simply haven’t got the room. The core principle of being a minimalist is living a meaningful life with less stuff. For some this is a simply a case of decluttering, for others it’s about removing the attachment to material things. While I’m not quite ready to commit fully to minimalism, I have tried to apply that principle to my wardrobe and beauty products. The wardrobe is a work in progress but I’m in love with my capsule beauty collection.


De-cluttering is a cathartic experience

Taking the time to sort through all my beauty products and get rid/give away all the unnecessary items was actually a cathartic experience. I found that I was clinging on to products from when my hair was relaxed or in braids that I have no use for now. Discarding those products felt like I was making a renewed commitment to my natural hair journey. I am now left with a small but useful collection of hair products.


It’s kinder on your wallet

Going through my skincare/makeup box was a real shock to the system. I had enough hand creams to keep a small family moisturised for at least a year. With so many duplicates and barely used products laid out in front of me, it became very clear that I was spending money on products that I didn’t need. Every time I find myself reaching for an impulse beauty buy, I remind myself that I already have everything I need.


You will make more mindful decisions

Now that I’ve committed to a minimalist approach, I am more mindful of what products end up in my routine. The products I use have to be of high quality, I’m not going to waste a purchase on something that is going to underperform. I’m also a huge fan of multi-taskers, a product that does the job of at least three is most coveted. You can see why I’m drawn to the Afro Hair & Skin Co.


You will gain physical and emotional space

I went from having products strewn all over my desk to having them neatly fit into organised compartments. I’m not confronted with a mess every morning which has taken a weight off my mind that I didn’t even realise was there. I’m spending less time getting ready because I’m not fussing over what products I should use. It’s a small change but it’s made a huge impact on how I approach my day.

Minimalism isn’t for everyone but if you are considering it, your beauty products are a good place to start the purge.


*all views are written from the perspective of the blogger.



Mariam Bashorun is a blogger at www.amu-dat.com an afrocentric fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. She is also the founder of www.blackbritishbloggers.com a service linking bloggers to brands for work and collaborations.


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