My Sunday Night Beauty Rituals

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My Sunday Night Beauty Rituals

This is my last post for you guys and it’s been an absolute pleasure to take up residency at The Afro Hair & Skin Co. I’m going to leave you with my Sunday night beauty rituals.


Sunday nights tend to have an air of gloom about them. Monday is fast approaching and let’s be honest no one loves Mondays. I like to bid farewell to the weekend with a little pamper session that also leaves me feeling ready for whatever the week ahead throws at me. This basic recipe gives me at least half an hour that is just for myself but if you have the time, treat yourself to a soak in the tub or a manicure. The golden rule is to act mindfully and take the time to really appreciate yourself.


Create a chill space

This is a space that for the next half an hour is just for you. I like to start in the bathroom for reasons that will soon become obvious and decompress in my bedroom. Warn your family/flatmates ahead of time that you will be unavailable. Turn off your phone. Put some music on if that mellows you out, maybe light a scented candle.


I like to start with a scalp massage

I warm a dollop of FLOURISH in my hands and gently massage it into my scalp. There are techniques that you can find on the web but I just follow the tension. I work any excess product through my hair which I then put in a loose puff. I wrap my hair in a satin scarf ready for bed.


Follow that with a deep facial cleanse

With my hair out of the way, I focus on my face. I start with an exfoliating scrub. I make my own with a little granulated sugar, a little water and a few drops of BLOOM. You can find loads of different recipes online depending on your skins needs. I follow that with a gentle foaming face wash for a deeper clean.


Go for a mask or facial massage

Depending on my mood, I may also whip up a face mask. My favourite is a homemade concoction of avocado, olive oil and honey which soothes and moisturises the skin. You can use any mask of your choosing. If I haven’t got the time for a mask, I’ll treat myself to a facial massage using a few drops of FLOW.



With my hair and scalp feeling nourished, I take 10 – 15 minutes to decompress. I usually lie on the floor and attempt to empty my mind. I try and be in the moment and appreciate that for 10 minutes that there are no demands on my person. I always come away feel relaxed, refreshed and more than ready for the week ahead.


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