Hair Heroes: Flourish Totally Nourishing Hair Butter

We're taking a closer look at out award-winning afro hair butter. So if you want the full lowdown on Flourish and it's benefits then this is for you.

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Hair Heroes: Flourish Totally Nourishing Hair Butter

Flourish is a fully plant based nourishing hair butter like no other on the market, and we're extremely proud of that. Crowned a Curl Conqueror at the Essence Magazine Best in Black Hair Awards 2022 and shortlisted in the Sunday Times Beauty Awards 2022 we've known for a while that this butter is pretty special.


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A Quick Backstory

Before setting out to create a butter that would soften and nourish my hair without weighing it down or leaving it feeling sticky. I spent months trying way new products that promised the world but in reality left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. Beyond the hype was I was seeing the same few ingredients  replicated in 90% of the offerings and just knew that there was scope to bring something new to the table.

I set about trialling both popular and lesser known ingredients, some made the cut, others didn't. Each ingredient had been individually tested before entering the final line up. It was important to me to look for ingredients being grown closer to home here in the UK as I wanted to create something that would have the lowest possible environmental impact. It took over a year of trial and error before I was completely happy with the results. It truly was a labour of love that and I believe that is what sets Flourish above the competition. 

From the beginning we've been very intentional about allowing our customers do the talking. We can hype it to the moon and back but it's YOUR authentic experiences that matter to us. Hundreds of positive reviews later and and a loyal fanbase that returns to stock up time and again. Tells us we're doing something right.


So, What Makes Flourish Such a Great Afro Hair Butter?

We think that it's amazing that there are now more natural products to choose from, the more the merrier. But, I personally felt and still feel that for those of us with the "driest" textures most products missed the mark and the results for looser curled hair were markedly different to those of us with tighter coiled and curly hair.

Flourish has always been about nourishing the kinkiest coily-est and curly-est hair, because it all started with me looking for something that would care for my (4c) hair.

My first priority was to bridge the gap in care for those of us who's hair is more prone to dryness and Flourish truly does that, whether your hair is porous or non-porous, tightly curled or coily.

Flourish is not a hydration product but it does aid better hydration. When you see it more as a tool to seal, condition and strengthen the hair during the process of hydration, the real magic becomes apparent. This is why it works best when the hair is slightly damp. Flourish slows down rapid moisture loss. It's easy to top up by spritzing the hair and reapplying as needed. Typically once used Flourish can be reapplied every 2-3-4 days even for those of us with the tightest coiled hair.


Ingredients and their Benefits:

Flourish is made with a rich nourishing blend of organic walnut butter which forms the base to the smooth and light texture your strands will soak it up.

It also contains Poppy flower seed oil a super lightweight antioxidant powerhouse that improves elasticity and strengthens the hair shaft reducing breakage. This oil is grown and sourced in the UK.

Crambe seed oil, definitely not a one hit wonder as you'll find this in our healthy hair oil Bloom, this omega 9 rich oil is a great sealant ensuring optimal levels of moisture retention while adding a rich sheen to your hair. This was another favourite from the British grown oils we had trialled.

These high performance ingredients and more combine to create a beautifully satisfying product that does exactly what it sets out to do. Please take a moment to read what our customers have said. Because for us, those are the ONLY opinions that matter.

And there you have it. Right now you can save £4.00 on Flourish by entering the code FLOURISHING at the checkout. One jar per customer, time limited offer.

For more details on Flourish and it's many benefits head over to the product page where you can see the full ingredient list and find answers to anything we many not have covered in this post.



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