5 Fab Oils for Afro Hair You've Probably Never Heard of.

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5 Fab Oils for Afro Hair You've Probably Never Heard of.

I think it's fair to say that it's now an undeniable fact that natural plant oils work amazingly for maintaining the health of afro, curly and textured hair. In recent years we have been fortunate so see an increase in options when it comes to finding the best oils for  our hair.



 A lot of natural oils on the market tend to be bulked up with cheaper heavy oils such as Olive, Avocado or grapeseed. Which  although offer some benefits in hair care,  tend to be better suited to deep conditioners/treatments rather than a daily hair oil.

Heavier oils have a tendency to sit on the hair strand leaving it feeling weighed down and greasy. This means that the oils are failing to effectively penetrate the hair shaft and are not being readily absorbed by your hair.

You'll be pleased  to know that if Coconut, Castor, Avocado and Argan Oils don't necessarily work for you, then there are lots of amazing alternatives out there.

We've outlined our fave natural oils that work wonders for afro hair that you may not have heard of or tried yet.


1. Thistle Oil

Thistle oil is an extremely lightweight, non-greasy and  deeply penetrating oil that possesses a small molecular structure meaning it can travel deep into the hair shaft to effectively improve strength and integrity.  Thistle makes a great natural hair oil as it smooths the cuticles and improves the texture of your hair while being a rich source in vitamin F which is a highly beneficial skin nutrient that promotes healthy scalp and strengthens and tones hair follicles to minimise shedding and promote a better quality of hair growth. Thistle oil is one of few oils that that suits most hair types.

2. Crambe Seed Oil

Crambe Seed Oil  is a hardworking plant oil that is incredibly rich in Omega 9 due to its high Eurucic acid content. When used in hair care it behaves much like silicones to provide shine/sheen to hair and skin, however Crambe seed oil will not leave a suffocating film or coating on the hair strand, enabling moisture to enter the hair shaft when its needed. It is also highly effective at sealing in moisture. Crambe seed has been found to deepen the intensity of your natural hair colouring as well as providing improved protection from manipulation and general daily styling.

3. Poppy Flower seed Oil/Poppy Seed Oil

Poppy Flower Seed Oil is a wonderfully potent and beneficial oil for hair and scalp commonly extracted from the seeds of the white poppy flower. Poppy Flower Seed Oil smoothes, conditions and helps to protect your hair and scalp. Poppy flower oil supplies the hair shaft with antioxidants while imparting strength and improved elasticity over time to dry and damaged hair.

4. Pumpkin Seed Oil

Largely ignored when it comes to finding oils that effectively combat dryness and breakage, and shedding pumpkin seed oil has long been used as a hair growth aid 

5. Camelina Seed Oil

Camelina Seed Oil  -  Contains up to 42% omega 3 essential fatty acids, improving elasticity and the texture of your hair. Its a highly moisturizing oil that provides good protection when styling and manipulating hair.


What off he radar oils have you found helpful in maintaining healthy hair?



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