Eco-Chic Poppy Okotcha Shows us Some Love!

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Eco-Chic Poppy Okotcha Shows us Some Love!

Top model and lovely individual Poppy Okotcha kindly shared a selfie or two with us showing off products from our range that she's currently using and loving. We're so proud and happy that our products have the thumbs up from her.

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Poppy Okotcha with Flourish Totally Nourishing Hair Butter

Poppy shares common values with us when it comes to all things eco-friendly, sustainable and caring for the planet she was recently interviewed by ELLEuk living the eco-chic life on a canal boat.

She also shares our desire to eliminate toxic chemicals from our beauty products so we think she's naturally a perfect fit for our products. Not to mention the fact that she's tending to her gorgeous natural afro hair with our hair butter Flourish and rocking her natural glow with the help of Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil.  Poppy also kindly mentioned that she is genuinely loving all 3 products. Chuffed is not the word!

.Poppy Okotcha with Flow Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil


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