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Aruna V.
A little bit of orange goes a long way

I’m a fan of face misters/spritzers and have used for a Mac for a long time. Puuuufff, that’s over. I took a punt on this because I like the facial oil so much – and it’s great. Fresh, with a great smell and good hydration, it also sits well beneath other product. A little goes a long way so spray from a distance. Possibly a different spray nozzle giving a finer, wider coverage might be an improvement. but the product itself, highly recommended. This is my new go to range for hair and face.

Danielle A.
Love it!

Smells gorgeous! Skin feels hydrated.

Not for me

I am a longtime & repeat customer, but the Orange Flower mist isn’t for me. The spray applicator doesn’t allow for a soft misting, but rather it comes out in a hard and straight line, so from the first, it’s...not pleasing. It hits my face then slides down my cheek. A bit sad.

I want to love the smell, but I don’t. And my skin doesn’t seem to dig it.

I don’t necessarily feel hydrated after using.

This one is not for me. Thanks

Angela B.
Smells as good as it feels!

This floral mist smells divine and feels lovely on my skin. Gives a little added moisture before I apply Flow facial oil. 💚

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